About Laser Girl

Our mission is to deliver the best skincare beauty services to you.

The best skin treatment and medpsa in Texas

About Us

You name it, we’ve got it. Laser Girl  Skincare and Medspa is your newest one stop shop for all things from beauty to health. From weight loss, to anti-aging, to hormone replacement therapy, to laser hair removal, to fillers and Botox, we offer the finest beauty procedures that are on the market today.

However, here at Laser Girl  Skincare and Medspa we know that having the best medical equipment out on the market is not the only key to achieving amazing results. It takes passionate, knowledgeable, and highly trained technicians, Estitician’s and doctors.  

Here at Laser Girl , we have that winning combination. For this reason, we pride ourselves on individual consultations where we have the opportunity to examine our patients and discuss their end goals. It is THIS combination of state-of-the-art equipment and an amazing staff that gets excited to see you achieve results that make the difference .

At the end of the day it is your results and satisfaction that drives us  to make you our number one priority. Results and patient satisfaction are the origin of our passion. It is what motivates us to offer the highest level of care to every single patient that comes through our doors. 

Say good-bye to any imperfection, because at Laser Girl it is our mission to make them a thing of the past!

We Look forward to hearing from you!


 Alyssa Abramson, CEO, Laser Girl Skincare and Medspa